Dr. Misha J. Payant

Dr. Payant is a published author, former college President, and an acclaimed clinician. After completing his doctorate in Portland, Oregon, he completed extra clinical rotations in Shuguan Hospital in Shanghai China.  To his own surprise his favorite rotation was in Cosmetic Medicine where he excelled.  He was fortunate enough to learn unique and innovative techniques allowing him to proudly be able to say that his patients often experience little to no discomfort, swelling or bruising on most procedures.

Dr. Payant takes the same approach with cosmetic patients as he does with functional medicine patients.  He emphasizes the importance of individualizing patient care.  He listens to his patients’ needs and desires and creates a treatment plan with you that is designed specifically for you.  As an author and educator as well as a clinician, imparting patients with knowledge is extremely important to him.  He will encourage you to ask all the questions you might have. You will be comforted by his enthusiasm to make sure you understand everything about your aesthetic journey and the manner in which he will walk you through every step of the way.  His calm demeanor and his extraordinary knowledge base puts even the most apprehensive patient at ease. 

Dr. Eugene DeLucia

Board certified in Family Medicine, Dr. DeLucia's vast medical experience spans over 36 years in the Tampa area, affording him the opportunity and privilege to enrich lives of countless happy patients.   

Much like Dr. Payant; Dr DeLucia also has a strong appreciation and understanding of more natural methods of healing and rejuvenation.  He incorporates the experience and wisdom of Oriental Medicine with the innovative products, technology and modern solutions of Western Medicine. ​


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