Dermal Fillers May Cost A Lot Less Than You Think

We know that a lot of people considering an HA dermal filler treatment are curious about pricing. Is the cost of the treatment going to be worth the results? While the cost varies depending on exactly what you are looking for, we did some research against averages, to come up with a general idea of how treatment costs stack up.

According to a report by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the average cost in the US for an HA dermal filler treatment was $620 in 2016. *

If you consider a once a year treatment regimen the cost is about $1.69/day.

If you equate it to a two year treatment regimen the cost of a treatment is about $0.85/day.

To put things in perspective, the national average for a woman’s daily beauty regimen is $8 a day. That’s an average of $2,920 per year for beauty products.

Dermal fillers can instantly refresh your appearance with real results and come in at just a fraction of what most women are already spending.

Still not convinced that dermal fillers are an affordable and effective aesthetic option for you?  Here are a few more price comparison examples that will be sure to clear your perspective. 

By reducing the amount of Starbucks coffee you consume by just one cup, puts aesthetic treatments with dermal fillers within your existing budget

One less bottle of Coca Cola a day will reduce your waistline and increase your dermal filler solutions to a comfortable and affordable option

We know what you are thinking. Take my Starbucks. Take my soda but don't you dare mess with my wine! don't have to reduce all three, just pick one and watch your dermal filler options become a reality

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